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Juliana is a Photographer and Art Director specializing in corporate photography, product photos and portraits. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing beautiful moments, Juliana's work has been recognized by many larger companies. Whether you need a stunning portrait, company photos or captivating product images, Juliana is here to bring your vision to life. 

Hi there!


I am a well-established professional photographer and Art Director who moved from Uppsala to Norrköping and to a house in a nature reserve with the sea out back. Enjoying nature and doing all different kind of outdoor sports is a big part of my life combined with photographing and creating. I have the studio in Norrköping and Stockholm and commute several days a week to Stockholm where most of my clients are. I have been freelancing full time since 2010 focusing on advertising, product, business images, portraits and lifestyle pictures. My tasks are very different every day. I usually work for large corporate companies. I like to combine creativity with business, and to develop ideas together with the customer. ​ 

Having an Art Director education helps me see a larger part of the projects and I love involving in corporate identities and communication. It's one thing to have good ideas. Another to be able to communicate it in the right way.

Bachelor of Fine Arts photography studies at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, England.

Photo assistant for photographer Mats Bäcker in Stockholm.

Art Science and History at Uppsala University.

Art Direction Degree at the Bergs School of Communication.


Photography is dearest to my heart. Regardless of what I shoot, I love that feeling that arises when you have set the perfect image. But I love building studios, designing sets and props and getting to merge all the creative parts into one. ​ 

My photography style is simple, honest, colorful and I love to capture  

the Scandinavian light! 


J U L I A N A  F Ä L L D I N


Visiting address

Tunnbindaregatan 37

602 21 Norrköping

tel +46(0)709583211




                                                                                                            © 2023 copyright Fotograf Juliana Fälldin

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